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Lost Boys is a group of world-class specialists who come together, bonded by their passion for investigation and risk management, and whose cognitive diversity was often found to be confined in more traditional backgrounds. Our exceptional consultants moved beyond the police, the services, the military or the corporate world due to the environments' lack of thinking outside the box. Our director created the agency to welcome authenticity and build a network of exclusive talent, having felt restricted in his industry first-hand. Mark, a decorated covert police detective, witnessed the most brilliant people with the greatest drive to help others leaving the police. Due to lack of imagination, the most unique experts with true intellectual vitality have been lost by the conventional sectors – and their loss is most certainly our gain.

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I am an ex-police detective with over twenty years of experience in covert roles and Serious Crime Investigation. I am highly specialised in issues of Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance and Anti-Surveillance, as well as being trained in covert communication advisement. Having personally investigated numerous high-profile crimes and further specialised in the investigation of Organised Crime Groups, I received numerous awards for my work as a police detective. I am now a fully vetted member of the Security Institute and have completed the Security Risk Management Consultants' Course and related Crisis Management qualifications with Frontier Risks.


I have always believed in using my police experience to work on Miscarriage of Justice and Death Penalty Cases. It is with this in mind that, when creating Lost Boys, I was committed to provide 20% of our time and expertise on a pro bono basis. This is an aspect of Lost Boys that I firmly believe in, and which has given me the opportunity to work on some truly incredible cases.


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