Lost Boys provides investigative support and security advisement to corporate, legal and private clients. Our approach combines this aim with the skillsets drawn from our respective areas of expertise – whether corporate finance, policing or the military – in order to provide our clients with highly specialised investigative services.





I am an ex-police detective with over twenty years of experience in covert roles and Serious Crime Investigation. I am highly specialised in issues of Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance and Anti-Surveillance, as well as being trained in covert communication advisement. Having personally investigated numerous high-profile crimes and further specialised in the investigation of Organised Crime Groups, I received numerous awards for my work as a police detective. I am now a fully vetted member of the Security Institute and have completed the Security Risk Management Consultants' Course and related Crisis Management qualifications with Frontier Risks.

I have always believed in using my police experience to work on Miscarriage of Justice and Death Penalty Cases. It is with this in mind that, when creating Lost Boys, I was committed to provide 20% of our time and expertise on a pro bono basis. This is an aspect of Lost Boys that I firmly believe in, and which has given me the opportunity to work on some truly incredible cases.





I cannot praise Lost Boys highly enough for their sensitive and swift resolution of a complex search for a missing family member.  I was kept informed of progress at all times and their work resulted in a family member who was totally off our radar coming back into the fold, something which has brought great joy to my elderly grandmother in particular.