Unlike many agencies, Lost Boys does not provide services through sub-contracting only.

Lost Boys combines the expertise of a select group of operatives who are specialised across a range of industrial sectors, from covert policing to corporate finance and even the arts. Often, these are people who did not conform to conventionally corporate visions, but demonstrated a particular diligence towards the cultivation of their skillsets across their respectively unusual arenas. Everyone who works for Lost Boys has been thoroughly vetted and demonstrates a proven history of excellence. We are extremely selective about the people who work for us full time, part time or on a job by job basis – neither do we allow anyone to work in association with our business if they are not already considered a part of our team.

Lost Boys provides its clients with highly specialised services of the best quality only. Integrity and maintaining our standards of excellence are essential parts of our established business practice. 

To this end, we are committed to providing our clients with the most effective resources if Lost Boys cannot ensure a certain service. If there is an element of security, investigation, or crisis management that we know may be provided better by another party, we provide our clients with access to this expertise from our extensive network. We do not receive a referral fee for this service, and only provide our clients with the recommendation and introduction. 




I am a fully accredited law enforcement investigator and analyst with twenty years of first-hand experience. During this time, I personally investigated complex and international cases of serious organised crime and delivered target-hardening measures for key industrial areas, such as the ‘Cash-In-Transit’ security sector. I am therefore highly specialised in both Internet Intelligence & Investigations, as well as in surveillance techniques. My areas of expertise also include risk profiling for global trade compliance, in both the financial and express logistics sectors, as well as in risk mitigation for businesses from online security threats.

I am committed to protecting our clients by providing risk assessment and management solutions, as well as training products to help reduce the impact of organised crime.