Security Consulting

Lost Boys provides bespoke security services that account for the potential vulnerabilities and risks to individual and corporate clients. To ensure that our clients are protected throughout their respective enterprises, Lost Boys provides ongoing support through security risk assessments that advise individuals and businesses on how best to safeguard against potential threats.

We provide rigorous examinations of your premises and a forensic review of all operating systems and procedures, through which our specialists are able to determine the existing risks associated with the business. These surveys are integral to the operational efficiency and safety of any organisation. It is essential to remain vigilant of any potential risks through comprehensive security solutions.


Security and Risk Assessment

Lost Boys provides a unique service that combines the experiences of specialist police and military operatives. Our combined resources and expertise enable us to support our clients through comprehensive security surveys which:

  • Establish the costs associated with implementing necessary controls

  • Establish the critical functions necessary to maintain business operations

  • Evaluate the probability of an event occurring

  • Identify and assess internal and external security vulnerabilities

  • Mitigate ongoing threats to reduce persistent risk exposure

Our unique approach to security risk management ensures that our clients are well protected from the risks that threaten to destabilise their businesses. Our security consultants work closely with our clients to establish the most effective course of action, in order to ensure the safety and long-term stability of their business operations.