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Our agency offers bespoke risk management services to HNW households to ensure the safety of the family, the staff and the premises. Our innovative approach combines traditional investigative methodology of physical risk assessment and covert intelligence gathering with modern open-source investigations and managed cybersecurity to protect the principals in both the real and the virtual worlds. Our experts often consult and assist the security teams or the individuals directly on optimizing the risk prevention measures ranging from staff background checks, to anti-surveillance techniques, to reputational damage control.


We provide unique investigation services to individual clients seeking private support. Lost Boys’ diverse range of experts welcomes the most specific and unusual of cases with our cognitive diversity guaranteeing a variety of approaches to the situation at hand. We are, therefore, here to support you through whichever challenge you may be facing, even when you feel like you are losing hope via traditional routes. From missing persons to extorsion, our experienced operatives will guide you through the process and resolve the problem, taking the burden off your shoulders and keeping you safe.

Please note: Lost Boys does not provide investigative services relating to domestic issues of marital infidelity.

Asset assessment

Adverse media check


CCTV review 


Missing persons

Physical risk management

Police liaison

Private prosecution

Protection against stalking

Revenge pornography 

Reputational damage

Sexual assault

Sexual harassment allegations

Social media security

Staff due diligence


Lost Boys is committed to ensuring that 20% of our services are dedicated to pro bono cases. If you require our private services and are not in a position to pay our usual fee, please see our pro bono page.

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