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Cyber criminality is an imminent and ever-increasing threat to all businesses and entrepreneurs, from start-ups to MNCs. Yet, very few have a solid crisis prevention action plan against such complex risk; most solutions proposed by IT companies involve a simplistic addition of a firewall-based product, leaving their clients vulnerable with only a superficial sense of protection. We provide a unique combination of bespoke solutions to help protect your business with specific needs in mind and personalised support available. Combining a range of innovative and diverse cyber security products from trusted providers expands our protection plan’s capabilities beyond any other offered cyber service, protecting your system from all angles 24/7.


The cyber team offers strong cyber protection and risk reduction, achieved through personalized advanced automation with human overview and emergency response system to build a defensive wall around your business or personal devices, including mobile phones; an offensive attack option is also available for detection and elimination of intruders. To further manage the risk of cyber threat to your business, our agency offers simulated phishing attacks, awareness training and employee trend management via a platform specifically designed for your company.


Our approach gives our clients the confidence that any cyber threat will be detected and dealt with in a rapid and effective manner, that our cyber security team will be there to guide and support them through any challenges, and that risks will be reduced and crises will be managed.

Anti-phishing training

Business readiness assessment 

Company responsiveness analysis 

Cryptocurrency investigations


Endpoint protection 

Incident response 

Managed firewall

Network security

On-site incident support

Penetration testing

Ransomware and malware protection

Simulated targeted phishing 

Smishing attacks 

Social engineering

Threat management guidance 

Vulnerability management

Wi-Fi scanning

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