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Lost Boys is highly specialised in Serious Crime Investigation. Drawing from experiences within the police force, we provide our clients with investigative and expert guidance in Criminal Defence Cases and Civil Litigation. Our services may be engaged at any stage, from the initial prosecution disclosure and defence statement to the trial and any subsequent appeals.


A lawyer’s investigative approach can be limited due to the lack of familiarity with the field and the tactics. Our services allow for a strategic in-depth investigation of the case files and circumstances to ensure that our clients’ criminal defence is comprehensive and effective. As ex-covert police detectives with over two decades of experience, we are able to approach our clients with unique legal, investigative and evidentiary expertise that a Defence Solicitor would not possess. Services may include the use of surveillance, the deployment of Covert Human Intelligence Sources, phone and computer examination, or PAS phone-related evidence, among others.


In a similar vein to the long-standing practice of defence investigations in the USA, the demand for defence investigators is increasing within the British legal system due to their intricate knowledge of the inner functioning of the prosecution strategies. Our experts’ policing backgrounds allow for a much deeper and more profound investigation of the case, making us an invaluable asset to add to your criminal defence team.


Abuse of process investigation

Advice around intelligence related to case

Analysis of phone evidence and unused material 

Assessment of disclosure

Defence witness tracing and statementing 

Detection of potential police misconduct 

Evaluation of covert policing techniques 

Examination of prosecution case

Inspection of unused material

Inquiry into mishandling of evidence

Investigation of other lines of enquiry 

Re-interviewing of witnesses for appeals

Review of technical evidence

Please note: clients must give written consent to their case being shared with and undertaken by Lost Boys prior to the discussion of a case on a more than hypothetical level. The agency is bound by a confidentiality agreement that will ensure complete privacy for all work carried out on your behalf.

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