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Pro bono services

We commit 20% of our time and resources to pro bono cases assisting individuals or companies who require our support, but are not in a financial position to pay our usual fees.

The same professionalism, confidentiality and determinism but pro bono.

From the outset, our ethos has always been to donate 20% of our time and resources to pro bono cases. These projects usually take the form of criminal defence investigation in cases of wrongful conviction and death row mitigation in the US.


Whilst we occasionally take on cases brought to us directly via prisoners or their families, the majority of our pro bono work comes via referral from charities, such as Appeal or Inside Justice. 


Our pro bono services typically involve support in:

  • Advisement on the protection of journalistic sources or confidential informants, including the safeguarding of whistle-blowers

  • Defence investigations in miscarriage of justice cases which do not qualify for Legal Aid

  • Sexual assault cases, the victim of which is considering a civil or private prosecution

  • Workplace investigations relating to sexual or other forms of harassment

  • Wrongful or malicious accusations leading to criminal convictions, dismissals, or reputational damage

Pro bono cases and getting in touch with us.

We no longer advertise an office phone number.  Our email quarantine system may mean your email does not arrive with us immediately or may be prevented from reaching us when you have not received an introduction from one of our existing contacts. 

If you are acting on behalf of a third party, you must provide a statement of their authorisation, in order for us to us to commence our involvement in the case. We are able to provide a copy of this document upon request.


Please consider your own safety in how you contact us. Should you require us to contact or meet you covertly, we are capable of doing this (for example, if there are times or locations that are safest for you, or if you require a cover story for us to re-contact you, please highlight these details in any messages you leave us).

Television and media.

Our business name or our representatives (employees and consultants) will not appear in any television broadcasts, media interviews, podcasts, presentations or content pieces. We are, however, able to assist our clients 'off camera' in investigative journalism and documentary making. We will also provide background related to our pro bono cases when authorised to do so by the client's legal teams. 

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