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Private client services

We manage the risks high net worth individuals and their families face in their personal and business lives with absolute discretion and professionalism. 

Specialist private investigation and protection services for high net worth individuals.

High profile business leaders, celebrities, sports stars and their families face being targeted by a variety of threats ranging through

  • Allegations

  • Extorsion

  • Fraud

  • Stalking

  • Missing persons

  • Abduction

  • Assassination

Our team of experts are drawn from the highest level of covert policing, military and intelligence services. That breadth and depth of experience means we can deploy an innovative approach that combines a traditional investigative methodology of physical risk assessment and covert intelligence gathering with modern open-source investigations and managed cybersecurity to protect the principals in both the real and the virtual worlds. Our experts often consult and assist the security teams or the individuals directly on optimising the risk prevention measures ranging from staff background checks, to anti-surveillance techniques, to reputational damage control.

Please note: Lost Boys does not provide investigative services relating to domestic issues of marital infidelity

Discreet and confidential investigation and protection services.

  • Asset assessment

  • Adverse media check

  • Blackmail

  • CCTV review 

  • Extorsion 

  • Missing persons

  • Physical risk management

  • Police liaison

  • Private prosecution

  • Protection against stalking

  • Revenge pornography 

  • Reputational damage

  • Sexual assault

  •  Sexual harassment allegations

  • Social media security

  • Staff due diligence

  • Surveillance

Private investigation and protection services by referral.

Our services our unique, bespoke and exclusive. To maintain these high standards, we operate exclusively by referral.

Cases are considered selectively from new clients or their representatives when introduced through our existing network of trusted law firms, corporate and private clients only.

We no longer advertise an office phone number.  Our email quarantine system may mean your email does not arrive with us immediately or may be prevented from reaching us when you have not received an introduction from one of our existing contacts. 

Television and media.

Our business name or our representatives (employees and consultants) will not appear in any television broadcasts, media interviews, podcasts, presentations or content pieces. We are, however, able to assist our clients 'off camera' in investigative journalism and documentary making. We will also provide background related to our pro bono cases when authorised to do so by the client's legal teams. 

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